Team Approach

When you are faced with a claim or lawsuit, a team approach is best for a strong defense. ISMIE relies on the resources of our professional liability analysts, experienced defense attorneys, and you, our policyholder. This unified approach consistently achieves the best possible outcome.

ISMIE Professional Liability Analyst

Your ISMIE analyst will explain the process, gather information to provide a thorough investigation and coordinate your case. Every ISMIE professional liability analyst possesses a high level of knowledge in investigating and handling medical liability claims. Our analysts consistently update their knowledge in the areas of law and medicine. Your analyst will make contact with you within one business day of notification of your claim and continually update throughout the litigation process.

Defense Attorney Representation

ISMIE will work with you to determine the best defense attorney for your specific case. If you wish to be represented by a specific “approved” attorney, we make every attempt to honor that request. We understand that litigation is very personal, and our aim is to make you as comfortable and confident in your defense as possible. Our experienced panel of defense attorneys has been selected for their expertise in defending medical liability litigation.