Physician Review & Evaluation Panel

The Physician Review and Evaluation Panel (PREP) provides ISMIE policyholders with the benefit of physician input in the underwriting process. PREP members and consultants are physicians representing primary care, surgical and hospital-based specialties. Those who serve on PREP consider physicians' risk exposure by reviewing medical professional liability history, risk of specialty, years of practice and other criteria.

PREP knows that even the best of physicians may at some time face a claim. Its members consider cases on a specialty basis and review the insured's entire file, not just the case at hand. PREP experts look for ways to identify and address problems or potential problems that indicate risk exposure in the practice. They may recommend educational programs as a way for the physician to learn how to eliminate the risk.

As a panel of your peers and colleagues who practice medicine just as you do, PREP can facilitate the underwriting process, evaluate your exposure to malpractice risk and make their recommendations in your best interest.