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  • August 25, 2015

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  • Governor Rauner Vetoes Hep C Testing Requirement Bill

    legislatureLast week, Governor Rauner vetoed S.B. 661, a bill requiring primary care physicians to offer a one-time Hepatitis C screening to persons born between 1945 and 1965, if providing a "comprehensive physical examination."

    Earlier this summer, the Illinois State Medical Society sent a detailed letter to Gov. Rauner urging him to veto the bill. We thank the Governor for listening to Illinois physicians, but the battle is far from over. S.B. 661 could be called for an override when lawmakers return to Springfield. An override requires two-thirds majorities in the Senate and House. 

    Watch for an ISMS legislative alert to arrive via email soon, containing information on potential General Assembly efforts to overturn the veto.

  • This Fall, Pick a Practice Management Day That Works for You

    Potential liability risk is everywhere. Help curtail it at your practice by attending a live Practice Management Day

    This day-long program, designed for policyholders and their staffs, will feature: 

    • A morning session on Hot Topics in Legislation and Regulation covering medical cannabis, concealed carry, direct patient access to lab reports, unaccompanied minors seeking care, advanced directives, Hepatitis C screening, and more.
    • An afternoon session on Coping Well with Stress at Work

    You have three chances left to attend this year, so sign up today for a date that best fits your schedule!

    Dates and locations:  

    • September 10 - Peoria
    • October 15 - Collinsville
    • November 12- Northbrook

    Continuing nursing education (CNE) and CME offered; there is no cost for ISMIE policyholders and staff.

  • Your Involvement Ensures Accurate Indemnity Payment Reporting

    As a reporting entity, ISMIE must inform state and federal agencies of indemnity payments, and provide a description of the alleged acts or omissions on which the underlying medical liability claim was based.

    We recognize that by making an indemnity payment on your behalf it should not be construed that medical negligence has occurred. Therefore, we feel it is important to have you involved in the reporting of any information. As a valued policyholder, you will have the opportunity to view a working copy of the report before its submission.

    Learn more about ISMIE's approach to state and federal agencies when an indemnity payment is made. Questions? Please contact our Claims Division by email or call us at 800-782-4767. If you utilize an insurance broker, you may also wish to contact him or her.

  • Make Effective Patient Communication a Practice-Wide Priority

    docPatients expectyou to be helpful, efficient and responsive, but they need you to be caring, compassionate and empathetic. And to effectively mitigate risk, such a sentiment should extend beyond just the doctor-patient relationship and permeate your entire practice philosophy. 

    Attend The Patient Experience: What Is It Like to Be the Patient, a live seminar, and learn how all practice team members, from physicians to their various staff, can create solid relationships with patients, minimize problems and enhance the patient's experience.

    Plan ahead for one of the following dates:

    September 29 - Hoffman Estates
    October 6 - Mount Vernon area
    November 17 - Alsip

    ISMIE policyholders and their employed staff are welcome to attend. CME offered; breakfast and lunch will be provided. Sign up today.

    Questions? Please contact ISMIE's Risk Management Division at 800-782-4767 ext. 3300 or email riskmanagement@ismie.com.

  • They're at it Again...

    Frivolous Lawsuits "On a Roll" Unless Lawmakers Intervene   

    A Missouri restaurant chain known for its servers tossing dinner rolls back and forth like a game of catch is being sued. Despite the soft, doughy baked goods being thrown underhanded over only a few feet, a patron claims she suffered "severe eye, head and neck injuries" from an errantly thrown roll.  

    A recent op-ed in USA Today used this oft-told type of tale of frivolous lawsuits to make a compelling point about why legal reform is so challenging: "Tort reform isn't the sexiest topic for politicians because it doesn't clearly separate them from their opponents. It's mired in legal jargon and rarely fits into a sound bite."

    It's good to see tort reform and frivolous lawsuits take center stage in a national newspaper. Let's hope lawmakers realize those issues go beyond party lines and enacting meaningful legal reform would be a win-win for everyone.