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  • November 17, 2015

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  • The Road to Health is a Two-Way Street

    Do your patients seem to expect you to figure out what's wrong with them simply by looking?  Do they sometimes act confused and uncertain about your instructions?

    Medical science has made incredible advances in recent years, but until mind-reading technology goes mainstream - we're not holding our breath - communication between physicians and patients will be the foundation of medical care.

    ISMIE Mutual recently released " Patients as Partners," a brochure designed to help patients get the most out of each visit. This simple guide provides tips for patients about how to approach an office visit, what information they should be sure to provide to you, how to ask questions about their health care, and more.

    All ISMIE policyholders should have received a copy by mail, and are encouraged to reproduce and distribute this resource. It is available free of charge in multiple languages.

  • Review Your Loss-Free Discount Status Today

    If you've been loss-free for at least three consecutive years, ISMIE offers a premium discount credit, regardless of your practice specialty. The discount is automatically applied to policies that qualify and can range from 3 to 19.5 percent, depending on how many consecutive years have been loss-free.

    The loss-free discount is unique; it's based on paid losses rather than pending claims. This means you qualify for a loss-free credit even if you have a pending claim, as long as you haven't experienced an indemnity payment for at least the last three years.

    Your loss-free discount status is reflected on your premium invoice. To access your full loss history report, follow these three easy steps.   

    1. Login on ISMIE's homepage
    2. Scroll to "Review Your Policy Information" located in the center of the homepage.
    3. From there, click on "Loss history reports."

    For more information, email the Underwriting Division or call 800-782-4767 ext. 3350. If you utilize an insurance broker, you may also wish to contact him or her.  

  • Interested in Graduate Medical Education? Top Experts on Tap for Residency Program

    Join your Illinois graduate medical education community and hear from top national experts at the 2015 Residency Program Directors' Meeting, December 5, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Chicago.

    The event will cover diverse approaches to resident wellness and features a "reactor panel" of residents, networking opportunities and much more.

    CME is available, and members of the Illinois State Medical Society are eligible for a significant discount. Breakfast will be served, and valet parking is included in the ticket price.

    Register today

  • If Faced with the Following. Contact ISMIE Claims


  • They're at it Again: What's next, a shrine to used car salesmen?

    As they say, there's a first time for everything.

    Ralph Nader has taken it upon himself to create the first law museum in North America, and possibly the world: the American Museum of Tort Law, now open in his home town of Winsted, Connecticut.

    With a website tagline of "hot coffee, hot cars and hot rats" - no, we're not making this up - the museum features exhibits on tort law cases that have attracted national attention. The $3 million to build the museum came mostly from trial lawyers and Nader himself.

    While Nader and his pals view these cases as a triumph, we're inclined to agree with Travis Akin, executive director of Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch: Frivolous lawsuits belong in a museum, not in our courts.