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  • October 20, 2015

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  • ISMIE Mutual Maintains Top Spot in Illinois Market

    leaderThe medical liability insurance market in Illinois is nothing if not volatile. As some policyholders will remember, ISMIE Mutual was founded as a direct result of that volatility; when other carriers pulled out of the Illinois market during the insurance crisis of the 1970s, physicians banded together to form ISMIE, protecting themselves from potential catastrophe.

    A lot has changed in the four decades since, but a few things haven't. ISMIE Mutual is still owned by and operated solely for the benefit of our policyholders, maintaining our commitment to conservative underwriting, strong risk management education, aggressive claims defense, and Physician-First service. These core principles have cemented ISMIE Mutual's position as the leading medical liability insurance carrier in Illinois.

    We didn't get here by resting on our laurels, and we won't start now. Inspired by the medical community's relentless desire to do better, we continue to innovate, offering new products and benefits to meet today's challenges and maximize tomorrow's opportunities. No matter what your career or your practice looks like down the road, ISMIE Mutual will be here with you every step of the way.

  • IOM Report Highlights Importance of Preventing Diagnostic Errors

    The Institute of Medicine recently released "Improving Diagnosis in Health Care," an in-depth report that examines diagnostic errors, and its conclusions have major implications for every physician.

    The report cites diagnostic errors as the principal cause of paid medical liability claims, noting that approximately 5 percent of U.S. adults who seek outpatient care each year experience a diagnostic error.

    Among several key recommendations, the IOM urges collaboration between health care professionals and professional liability insurance carriers to improve diagnostic performance through education, training, and practice improvement approaches.

    For years, ISMIE Mutual has been building a robust portfolio of on-demand educational courses, including sessions like "Not the Blame Game" and "Failure to Diagnose Cancer: Exploring Risk Issues," which are aimed squarely at some of the issues raised by the IOM report. The current ISMIE Fellowship Program renewal suite also features several courses (including "Cognitive Biases," "Difficult Conversations" and "Handoffs") designed specifically to help clinicians overcome barriers to accurate diagnosis.

      We also offer "Patients as Partners," a patient-focused flyer designed to help patients provide you with accurate and complete information - an important part of the diagnostic process. All ISMIE policyholders should have received a copy by mail, and are encouraged to reproduce and distribute this resource. It is available free of charge in multiple languages.

  • Merging? Consolidating? Then the Shared Limit Corporate Coverage Option is For You

    puzzleAs hospitals and smaller practices continue to combine resources to better serve patients, the business side of medicine is becoming more complex.

    That's why ISMIE offers a shared limit corporate coverage option that will reduce the cost of insuring your entity under our Clinic Option. 

     With this affordable policy option: 

    • Your corporate entity can share in the limit of one employed physician when both are named as co-defendants in the same claim.

    • The premium is reduced from 25 percent to 5 percent of the underlying physician premium.

    • The entity is provided a separate limit of liability in two limited circumstances, advantageous to the corporate entity when there are 1) independent or direct allegations against the entity; or 2) allegations of vicarious liability for certain departed physicians or other employed staff.

    For more details, email ISMIE's Underwriting Division or call 800-782-4767 ext. 3350. If you utilize an insurance broker, you may also wish to contact him or her.

  • Learn More about Advanced Practice Nurse Authority to Diagnose, Prescribe

    APNguideMany physicians and patients rely on advanced practice nurses (APNs) as important members of the health care team.

    If you collaborate with APNs, it's important that you stay up to date on current requirements and know the extent of APN authority to diagnose and prescribe. An adequate and appropriate working relationship must be in place, or you may be posing risks to your patients and increasing your medical liability.

    ISMIE Mutual invites you to join us on Tuesday, November 3, for a conversation on what's needed to establish and maintain effective and legal collaboration with APNs. This free 30-minute webinar will include updates from a new Illinois law passed in 2015, and policyholders can earn a 1% premium discount. View more information and register today.

    ISMIE policyholders may also access Advanced Practice Nurse Authority to Diagnose and Prescribe (PDF), a recently-updated resource that details APNs' scope of practice, physicians' responsibilities in collaborating with APNs, and more.

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  • Mark your calendar... for 'Love Your Lawyer Day?'

    An old lawyer joke begins, "What's wrong with lawyer jokes?"  The punch line: "Lawyers don't think they're funny and the rest of us don't think they're jokes!"

    Why are you reading lawyer jokes in ISMIE-News? We're writing to warn you that if you tell this or any lawyer joke on November 6 it will cost you $20 (not really, but humor us).  

    If the American Lawyers Public Image Association (ALPIA) has its way, you'll be paying a "lawyer joke penalty" when having a little fun at the bar's expense. The ALPIA created and is promoting another holiday no one asked for (think Sweetest Day). With apparently little else on the agenda, ALPIA seeks to honor the legal profession on the first Friday of November as "Love Your Lawyer Day."

    How are we supposed to honor lawyers on this day?  According to the ALPIA, skipping jokes targeting lawyers is the best approach.  If you accidentally slip - say, for example, you wonder aloud why sharks don't eat lawyers* - you are asked to make a $20 charitable donation. 

    How will you celebrate "Love Your Lawyer Day?" The punchline sort of writes itself.

    *Professional courtesy!