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  • July 26, 2016

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  • Mark Your Calendar: New ISMIE Risk Management Education Events Are on the Way!

    CalendarWhether you're a clinician hoping to sharpen your diagnostic skills or a practice management professional responsible for handling patient medical records requests, ISMIE's upcoming Risk Management events have something for you:

    "Record Release: Do You Know What's Changed?" This 45-minute ISMIE webinar will cover recent federal guidance on fees and procedures for patient record requests. ISMIE Mutual's Assistant Vice President of Legal Services, Robert Kane, will discuss how physicians and staff can avoid potential financial penalties and patient confusion tied to these new rules. Eligible policyholders may earn AMA-PRA Category 1 Credit.™ 

    Date/Time: August 16, Noon.

    Register here for the webinar.

    "Dissecting Diagnostic Error" - New Dates! If you missed this informative program earlier this year, you're in luck - ISMIE will add two new dates to its popular "Dissecting Diagnostic Error" seminar series, September 9 in Springfield and October 26 in Glen Ellyn. The program presents an analysis of the latest research and solutions clinicians can use to improve their diagnostic accuracy and skills. The sessions feature:

    • Mark Graber, MD, a member of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) panel behind last year's "Improving Diagnosis in Health Care" report, who will discuss major findings from the report and how electronic medical records can play a role in better diagnostic practices.
    • Gurpreet Dhaliwal, MD, a practicing emergency medicine physician, hospitalist, and author of "Blueprint for Diagnostic Excellence," who will offer guidance on diagnostic tracking and feedback systems, metacognition, real-time learning and practical skill development.


    • September 9, Noon-3 p.m., Sangamo Club, 227 E. Adams Street, Springfield.
    • October 26, 9 a.m.-noon, Crowne Plaza, 1250 Roosevelt Road, Glen Ellyn. 

    Eligible policyholders may earn a 1% premium discount and AMA-PRA Category 1 Credit.™ 

    Register here to attend the seminar.

    ISMIE will be adding exciting new Risk Management events in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

  • Interested in Virtual Medicine? Consider the final Telehealth Law Program September 13

    TelemedicineWhether you call it virtual medicine, telemedicine or telehealth, chances are your practice will be influenced by leading-edge technology solutions that connect health care professionals and patients wherever they are.

    The Illinois Telehealth Law Forum is a three-part seminar series examining this landscape in Illinois and throughout the Midwest, covering emerging topics in health technology for public and private payers, telehealth entrepreneurs and service providers. This final forum will be held in person in Chicago, Carbondale, Naperville and Springfield on September 13, and will also be available via livestream.  

    Early bird pricing is available if you register by August 14. Register here.

  • ISMS Advocacy Update

    2016 Legislative Update Now Available

    The Illinois State Medical Society's (ISMS) post-session legislative update is available. Physicians can download the report, which recaps health-related happenings in Springfield, here. Highlights of this year's session include changes to Illinois' medical cannabis law and a new plan to ensure health insurer network adequacy.                      

    Land of Lincoln Health Closure

    Recently, it was announced that Land of Lincoln Health would be closing. This entity is an Illinois co-op insurance plan offered through the Affordable Care Act insurance exchange. The plan covers 49,000 patients who will be forced to seek new coverage when Land of Lincoln Health permanently closes on October 1. ISMS has been closely monitoring this situation and offers  information for medical practices here.

  • Get the Right Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan for YOU!

    PBT Life Insurance LogoInterested in finding a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan to help cover out-of-pocket expenses such as copayments, coinsurance and deductibles? 

    Physicians' Benefits Trust (PBT), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company, offers flexible plan options to ISMIE policyholders and their spouses.

    Find the right Medicare Supplement plan for you by calling PBT, your physician-managed insurer, at 800-621-0748 (choose option 3) to learn more and begin the application process.

  • They're at it Again...Who Will Get the Brush-Off?

    In a Chicago federal courtroom next month, a retired Canadian correctional officer, his lawyer and a very enthusiastic local gallery owner will square off against a world-renowned artist whose last major painting went for nearly $26 million. 

    Yup. $26 million.

    Welcome to Fletcher v. Doig or as some art experts have sketched it, Doige v. Doig

    In what media reports have called one of the "stranger art-authentication cases in recent history," Peter Doig, a Scottish-born painter who spent part of his childhood in Canada, was sued a couple of years ago by Robert Fletcher, a Canadian correctional officer. In his suit, Fletcher said he met Doig back in 1976 and spent $100 on an untitled painting signed "1976 Peter Doige." Fletcher alleges Doig created the painting in an art class at Fletcher's facility while serving time for LSD possession.

    Doig has stated in published reports that he used LSD as a teenager, but was never in jail and he wasn't even near the correctional center in 1976.  Above all, Doig says Fletcher's canvas is not his work. To prove it, Doig's attorneys have filed a range of documents including an affidavit from the sister of one Peter Edward Doige, who died in 2012. The document quotes the sister as saying that Fletcher was mistaken and "that he actually met my brother, Peter, who I believe did this painting."

    So is it a Doig? Or just a Doige? Maybe it's just another dirge where only the lawyers get rich. In any case, we'll be listening to see what tune's playing out of the Dirksen building next month.