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  • June 28, 2016

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  • Happy Birthday, America - and Happy Birthday, ISMIE!

    ISMIE40The date was July 1, 1976. In Chicago, a group of concerned Illinois physicians facing the loss of their medical liability coverage had finally accomplished what many thought would be impossible. They gambled their financial and professional futures on a long shot called the Illinois State Medical Inter-Insurance Exchange - known today as ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company.

    Your insurance company.

    Forty years on, ISMIE continues to protect dedicated medical professionals with some of the most comprehensive coverage available. We're the market leader in Illinois for many good reasons, the most important being that we work only for our owners - YOU.

    We thank you for being part of ISMIE's history, and most of all, we thank you for your business.

  • Are Your Practice Management Professionals Reading PM Update?

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics defines medical and health services managers as one of the fastest-growing professions in the country. Are your practice management professionals, who help build your practice each day, getting the information they need to perform?

    ISMIE offers a resource just for them: PM Update, a quarterly newsletter with timely updates and important topics for your practice management team. If your staff members aren't on our PM Update mailing list and would like to be, tell them about our readership survey, which will subscribe them and automatically enter them in a drawing to win a $25 Starbucks gift card!

    Click here to access the survey.

  • New U.S. House Health Care Proposal Features Substantive Medical Liability Reforms, Says PIAA

    househealthcareLast week's proposal from the task force formed by U.S. House Republicans to reform the nation's health care system contains "substantive medical professional liability (MPL) reforms" to cap noneconomic damages and limit attorney fees, the PIAA reports.

    Crediting its own advocacy efforts, the PIAA noted that the 37-page proposal is "significant, because it sends a clear message to those Republicans who have recently opposed (the PIAA's) MPL reform agenda based on their theory of states' rights."

    On MPL reforms, the task force proposes working "...with the states to pursue a wide variety of options such as loser-pays, proportional liability, the collateral source rule, consideration of the statute of limitation, safe harbor provisions, health courts, and independent pre-discovery medical review panels." It also adds that it hopes to pursue laws that allow for safe harbors and higher standards of evidence for medical professionals.

    ISMIE is working tirelessly for medical liability reforms, and any progress on the federal level can only be good news for our policyholders.

  • Have a Safe Fourth!

    fireworksAs we head into the holiday weekend, now's a good time to remind patients - particularly those with children - about safety tips for cooking outdoors and Illinois state restrictions on fireworks.

    According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2014, U.S. hospital emergency rooms saw an estimated 5,200 patients for burns caused by contact with hot grill surfaces. Of those, almost one third were children under five years old. The Consumer Products Safety Commission's latest figures show that more than one third of all people seen in emergency rooms for fireworks injuries were under 15 and nine percent were under five.

    Another holiday reminder: If you're thinking of taking anywhere from one to 12 months off from your practice, your ISMIE policy offers a Suspended Coverage option. To find out more, email ISMIE's underwriting department or call 800-782-4767