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  • March 22, 2016

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  • Recapping the 2016 Illinois Primary Judicial Races: How You Voted

    gavelIt's going to be a busy political year ahead, and our friends at the Illinois Civil Justice League have compiled the outcome of all state judicial contests. For all other major races, IMPAC- the political action arm of Illinois physicians - offers this downloadable summary of results for the Illinois House and Senate, U.S. Congressional races and the special election for Illinois State Comptroller.

    ISMIE News will keep you updated on election news that could influence your medical liability environment throughout this lively political season!

  • Print or Download the New ISMIE Resource Guide - Your One-Stop Source for Coverage Information!

    ResourceGuideNeed a quick piece of information on the underwriting, claims or risk management aspects of your ISMIE policy? Look no further than our just-released ISMIE Resource Guide.

    It's a 24-page online booklet that summarizes all current products, policies and procedures relevant to your coverage, including:

    • Comprehensive and customized coverage options to fit every step of your career;
    • A claims process that offers a strong defense and supports you every step of the way; and
    • Risk management advisory and educational opportunities for physicians and staff with the added bonus of premium discounts.

    For a PDF copy of the Guide, click here and scroll to the download link at the bottom of the page. 

  • Have You Requested Your Practice Assessment Yet? April 1 is the Priority Deadline

    PracticeAssessmentAt ISMIE, we believe regular, thorough on-site practice assessments can help you and your team avoid medical liability litigation and build solid risk management over time. 

    Unfortunately, the calendar fills up quickly. Each year we assess more than 2,500 clinicians, so we ask that you send your practice assessment request no later than April 1 to make sure we can accommodate you and your team comfortably.

    Don't forget that regular practice assessments offer another important ISMIE benefit: Policyholders found in substantial compliance with our risk management principles may be eligible for a 5% premium discount for two policy years.

    Questions? Call us at 800-782-4767 ext. 3300 or email us at riskmanagement@ismie.com.

  • Physician, Hug Thyself: Doctors' Day is March 30

    carnationFor all the long hours and dedication doctors contribute at work, it's time to remember their special day - March 30, Doctors' Day. Whether it's a small gift, a special lunch or the traditional red carnation, it's good practice for staff and fellow physicians to recognize another year in support of patients and fellow health care professionals.

    For the history of Doctors' Day - a holiday founded in the United States but now celebrated around the world - click here.

  • Zika is Still a Big Story: Keep Informed at ISMS' Comprehensive Zika Virus Information Page

    Zika continues to be a global newsmaker, so keep your patients and staff members up to date with the latest health and travel information on the virus by bookmarking the Illinois State Medical Society's (ISMS) Zika Virus: What Illinois Physicians and Patients Need to Know. This resource is continually updated with the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Illinois Department of Public Health and other vital global resources. 

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