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  • April 18, 2017

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  • $16 Million Shared by All ISMIE Policyholders Renewing as of July 1


    ISMIE Mutual is pleased to announce that $16 million in dividends will be distributed starting in July for the 2017-18 policy year.

    Since 2007, a total of $226.6 million has been paid out to ISMIE policyholders.

    Said ISMIE Mutual Chairman Harold L. Jensen, MD, “For 11 years, we’ve paid annual dividends, a testament to ISMIE’s stability and operating standards which have made us unique in the medical liability industry.” He added, “In our 41st year, we have great plans ahead.”

    Unlike previous years, this distribution will be made to all current ISMIE policyholders renewing as of July 1.

    What do you need to do?


    Your dividend will be automatically applied as a premium credit at your renewal.

  • It’s Time to Renew Your Medical License - Save Money and Time with a Call to ISMIE!

    Save Time and Money

    The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) has opened the 2017 medical license renewal process.

    As we’ve mentioned, renewal reminders have gone paperless via email – by now, you should have received yours with an individual PIN to start the renewal process. However, if you missed that reminder, you can still renew by providing your medical license number, Social Security Number and date of birth. The renewal deadline is July 31.

    Here’s an even better idea: Call ISMIE.

    Our renewal hotline at 800-632-7478 is now open from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. each business day through the July 31 deadline.

    Our friendly staff will not only help speed you through the process, you’ll save on IDFPR’s debit or credit card processing fees.

    The cost of a three-year medical license renewal is $690. It’s important to remember that you must renew your controlled substances licenses at this time, which many physicians forget to do. A $15 fee is required for each controlled substance license renewal.

    Questions? Contact us at licensure@ismie.com or call 800-632-7478.

    Going it Alone? You’ll Need These Instructions to Renew Your Controlled Substance Licenses Online

    If you choose to renew online directly with IDFPR instead of calling the ISMIE licensure help line, please note that the renewal for any controlled substance license(s) is a separate process.

    Once you’ve renewed your medical license, you'll need to return to the “online license renewal” page.

    Repeat the steps you followed to renew your primary license. At the “entry page” you’ll be offered an option to renew controlled substance licenses.

    If you forgot to renew your controlled substance license or are having trouble navigating IDFPR’s system, call us at 800-632-7478. We can process your controlled substance renewal over the phone.

  • The Next National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is a Week from This Saturday. Educate Your Patients With These Handy ISMIE Resources

    Dispensing of MedicationEach day, 91 Americans die from an opioid overdose. Prescription opioids – including unused pills in your patients’ home medicine cabinets – are a “ driving factor” behind those rising numbers.

    Remember, unless you’re a licensed collector, you can’t accept leftover medications from patients. Instead, tell them about the next National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day on April 29 with the help of year-round resources available to you on the Illinois State Medical Society’s (ISMS) safe prescription disposal webpage.

    You’ll find:

    • A two-sided office poster – side one promotes the April 29 event and side two shares year-round steps for safe disposal;
    • Printable pocket cards summarizing those steps; and
    • The latest ISMS Issue Brief for physicians on disposal of unused medications.

    Since 2010, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s Take-Back Days have mobilized local police and government employees to establish legal and efficient disposal systems in their communities for unneeded prescription and non-prescription medications.

    Strike a Blow Against Opioid Abuse – Join the PMP!

    Are you registered in the Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)?

    This valuable tool can enhance your understanding of a patient’s prescription history and help to curb "doctor shopping." The program is voluntary and there is no cost to enroll or to use the program.

    For background, the Illinois State Medical Society has published a helpful case study on how you can use this powerful resource to combat prescription drug abuse.

  • Fighting Burnout? Learn Ways to Build Your Resilience at April 26 ISMIE Webinar

    Stressed doctor

    A recent Health Affairs Blog essay penned by 11 U.S. health care CEOs described physician burnout as a “public health crisis” and urged fellow executives to respond vigorously to the problem.

    You don’t have to wait.

    Sign up now for the new ISMIE webinar, How Work-Life Balance Predicts Burnout, to be held from noon to 1 p.m. on April 26.

    Featuring J. Bryan Sexton, PhD, head of Duke University’s Patient Safety Center, this free webinar examines clinician work-life balance and techniques you can use to reduce your own chances for burnout.

    Sign up today!

  • Also for Your Patient Safety To-Do List: ‘Dissecting Diagnostic Error’ Live Seminar Returns May 16 in Oak Brook

    ISMIE’s popular live event, Dissecting Diagnostic Error, will return May 16 from 9 a.m.- noon at the Hilton Oak Brook Hills. The event features:

    • Mark Graber, MD, a member of the Institute of Medicine panel behind 2015’s “Improving Diagnosis in Health Care” report, will discuss how electronic medical record (EMR) systems can improve diagnostic practices.
    • Gurpreet Dhaliwal, MD, a practicing emergency medicine physician, hospitalist, and author of “Blueprint for Diagnostic Excellence,” will offer guidance on improving diagnostic accuracy and skills and developing tracking and feedback systems.

    Register today

  • They're at it Again...I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter...So I’ll Sue

    Restaurant owners, take heed. Behind every customer who’s unhappy with their order there might be a plaintiffs’ attorney hungry for a big payday.

    Consider a lawsuit filed last month in Boston against none other than Dunkin’ Donuts. A central Massachusetts man who ordered butter with his bagel was disappointed to get margarine instead. He sued 20 area locations of the chain for allegedly making the switch and was awarded $500 in a settlement that also provided 1,400 other Dunkin’ Donuts customers three buttered baked goods free of charge.

    Sweet deal, huh?

    Well, hold the sprinkles.

    The plaintiff’s attorney, who reportedly had been “hoping to represent anybody who ordered baked goods with butter between June 2012 and June of last year, but were given a substitute,” managed to scarf up court-approved fees of $90,000.

    We have to wonder if that lawyer was paying special attention a couple of years ago when Subway got caught selling foot-long sandwiches that were less than a foot long. The 10 named plaintiffs in that 2016 settlement also got $500 apiece – while their attorneys got $520,000 in court-approved fees to go.

    So much for our appetite.