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  • February 21, 2017

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  • Eligible Insureds Can Earn an Additional Discount of Up to 10%

    percent savingsIf you purchase your own medical liability coverage from ISMIE, this message is for you.

    We’re pleased to announce a new discount for eligible physicians who purchase individual policies. This “individual schedule rating” credit will provide most of our individual insureds with additional discounts of up to 10%.

    The word “additional” is important because ISMIE already provides significant savings to individual policyholders through our loss-free discount program, risk management participation and dividend distributions.

    According to ISMIE Chairman Harold L. Jensen, MD, the average credit to eligible individual insureds works out to 7.7%.

    “This latest change in how we calculate premiums for our individually insured physicians is another example of ISMIE’s commitment to serving our policyholders,” said Dr. Jensen. “ISMIE has partnered with our policyholders for 40 years and key to our success has been our commitment to sustainable premium rates to support the practice of medicine over the long haul.” 

    One note: Policyholders already receiving group or clinic discounts are noteligible for this new credit. 

    As for the individual policyholders who do qualify, even better news – no action will be required to receive the discount, which will be applied to eligible renewals and new business beginning April 1.

    Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact ISMIE Underwriting at 800-782-4767 or email underwriting@ismie.com.

  • Physician Medical License Renewal Beginning in April; Early Start Reflects Changes in IDFPR Procedures

    Time to RenewIllinois physicians, 2017 is a renewal year for medical and controlled substance licenses, and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) has decided to open its renewal process a little early to get physicians and practices acclimated. 

    The earlier start date is due to a significant change in the licensure renewal process. Beginning this year, IDFPR will not provide notice of renewal through U.S. mail. You will ONLY receive an email notice if the state has an up-to-date email address on file for youIf IDFPR does not have your email address, you will not receive a reminder to renew your license.

    It is important for physicians to take action now to make sure IDFPR has your email address. 

    As noted in a January 24 story in ISMIE News, many Illinois medical corporations apparently missed their online reminder and failed to renew their licenses by the January 1 deadline due to IDFPR not having correct email addresses associated with these licenses on file.

    The agency is hoping to avoid a similar problem this spring, as every Illinois physician is required to renew their medical and controlled substance licenses by the July 31 deadline.

    Avoid problems when renewal opens by visiting IDFPR’s  address change page to verify, change or add your mailing address, email address or telephone number.

    If you have questions, please contact Audrey Vanagunas at 312-580-2465 or by email.

  • Trying to Get a Handle on What’s Happening in Springfield and Washington? Tune in to ISMIE’s Feb. 28 Free Webinar!

    doctors thinking about WashingtonDoes Illinois’ ongoing budget crisis give you heartburn? Having a hard time making strategic decisions because you don’t know how major changes to the Affordable Care Act might affect your practice? In these chaotic struggles between opposing sides, you might feel trapped in the middle.

    Consider making time for What's Behind Door #3: Health Insurance Hijinks, Medical Mischief, or a Stronger Patient-Doctor Relationship? This free webinar from ISMIE and our partners at the Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS) runs from noon to 1 p.m. CT on February 28.

    It’s bound to be a lively discussion of the latest news and how Illinois physicians can respond.

    Register here.

  • April 1 is the Priority Deadline for Your 2017 Practice Assessment - Get a Preview at ISMIE’s March 9 Live Seminar in Chicago

    Preview signISMIE’s onsite practice assessment program is one of the most valuable aspects of your coverage. Our in-person expert evaluation keeps you and your team current with risk management best practices and ways to avoid the latest litigation landmines. 

    Want to know the top issues in the 2017 practice assessment and how you can prepare? 

    Sign up for Preparing for Your Practice Assessment, happening from 9-11:30 a.m. on March 9 at ISMIE headquarters, 20 N. Michigan Avenue. The program covers all types of practice assessments, including those for office-based clinicians, radiologists, anesthesiologists, pathologists, emergency care specialists, urgent care specialists, nursing home specialists, and hospital-based specialists. Keep your practice safe in ’17 – request your practice assessment today and reserve your seat at the March 9 seminar!

  • They Are at it Again...Hey, That Movie Candy Isn't Cheap, You Know

    Some people really need their chocolate-covered raisins.

    A plaintiff filed suit Jan. 3 in federal court in Los Angeles against food giant Nestle USA after allegedly discovering that the box of Nestle’s Dark Chocolate Raisinets she purchased at the grocery was “recklessly” underfilled at only 60% candy. The rest contained “a significant amount of non-functional slack-fill.”

    “Slack-fill?” Let’s catch you up.

    It’s one of the  hottest topics in consumer class action litigation today, as consumers – and their helpful attorneys – have been raising a sweet stink about empty space in everything from candy boxes to  detergent bottles. The lawsuit seeks $5 million in refunds and interest accrued on behalf of thousands of consumers left unfulfilled – presumably after smuggling their own store-bought treats into their local multiplex.

    Slack-fill? Consider us slack-jawed.