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  • July 11, 2017

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  • A Quick Call to the ISMIE Renewal Hotline Saves You Time and Money

    ISMIE phone numberIf you haven’t renewed your three-year medical license yet, the deadline is approaching – and the ISMIE Hotline can help. 

    A call to 800-632-7478will take you through the application quickly and save you online processing fees charged by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) for all your renewals. However, all other regular charges apply.

    The renewal deadline is July 31. What will you pay if you’re late?

    • For Illinois residents the renewal fee jumps from $690 to $920.
    • For out-of-state residents with an Illinois license, renewal goes from $1,380 to $1,400.
    • Controlled substance licenses are $15 each with no late penalty.

    For physicians who prefer to go it alone, start at the IDFPR website – but note that those who wait until the last few days before the deadline may face system slowdowns with the possibility that your renewal might not go through on time.

    As we’ve mentioned, IDFPR has moved to a paperless renewal process, and weeks ago emailed licensed physicians including individual PINs to start the renewal process. If you missed that reminder, you can still renew by providing your medical license number, Social Security number and date of birth, either on the website or when calling ISMIE.

    Final note: If you already renewed your medical license, but forgot to renew your controlled substance license(s), call us – we can help. Contact us at licensure@ismie.com or call the hotline at 800-632-7478

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  • Federal Medical Liability Reform Passes U.S. House

    government buildingThe Protecting Access to Care Act (H.R. 1215) passed the U.S. House of Representatives June 28, providing a glimmer of hope for nationwide medical liability reform that’s been so elusive at the state level. 

    A companion bill is expected to be introduced in the Senate.

  • Don’t Miss Thursday’s ISMIE Live Webinar, ‘Protecting Your Practice’s Privacy & Security’

    There’s still time to sign up for ISMIE’s July 13 webinar, Protecting Your Practice’s Privacy & Security. From noon to 1 p.m., ISMIE’s Ingrid Hubbard Reidy and Michael O’Neill will discuss the biggest risks facing your patients’ health information and offer actionable steps to help you improve your practice’s privacy and security. 

    Another item for your risk management calendar – on September 28 from noon to 3 p.m., ISMIE will offer Fellowship Fundamentals: Communications at its Chicago headquarters at 20 N. Michigan Avenue, 8th floor. This live seminar will help clinicians build rapport, express empathy, provide patient education and establish a partnership with all types of patients.

    Check ISMIE News for more risk management educational events coming soon!

  • A Police Officer - or an Angry Patient - Has Arrived at Your Front Desk. Are You Prepared?
    patient talking to receptionist

    At any point, a medical practice may receive an in-person visit from local police, most likely to collect information or deliver a subpoena. It’s also possible a physician or staff member may need to call local law enforcement if a person arrives making verbal or physical threats that can’t be defused by discussion.

    Do you have a plan in place?

    Focus on Law Enforcement, part of ISMIE’s Lessons from the Field case study series, takes a look at the common scenarios in which your practice may interact with the authorities.

    The first case study, titled When They’re Calling You, focuses on how to handle an unexpected visit from law enforcement in general and a patient records request in particular. The second, titled When You’re Calling Them, outlines work and administrative practices to have in place before a threatening patient or visitor prompts the need to call the police.

    Each case study in the Lessons from the Field series offers helpful how-to advice and tips to handle the situation in question. However, it’s also important to know that you can always call ISMIE at 800-782-4767 to clarify what you’ve read or address law enforcement issues that may be unique to your practice.

  • They're at it Again...Raising Cane

    In late May, a California woman filed a federal class-action suit against the Jelly Belly Candy Co. claiming she was duped into eating sugar-filled jelly beans instead of performance-enhancing “Sports Beans” containing “evaporated cane juice.” 

    Granted, the FDA has said that evaporated cane juice is little more than a fancy term for sugar. However, the plaintiff’s lawyers claim the usage is particularly sinister in this case as it makes “…the product appear even more appropriate for athletes and less like a candy.”

    Yet how does one miss the sugary hint of a big red Jelly Belly logo on the wrapper of an “energy snack”?

    Anyway, we’ve seen more than a few plaintiff’s attorneys rushing lawsuits like this to the courthouse. They need all the energy they can get. 

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