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  • June 13, 2017

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  • Communications, Tracking and Privacy Topics Lead Sessions Through September

    Computer with calendarSummer’s a great time for training at ISMIE. Our live events and webinars will help you and your staff build better communication tactics, tracking systems and privacy procedures throughout your practice. Consider the following:  

  • Want to Learn More About the Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program? Sign Up for Our Noon Webinar June 20!

    The Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) has become a significant weapon in fighting opioid abuse throughout the state. This voluntary, state-run program allows licensed prescribers to view Illinois retail pharmacy data reported to the database to see whether current and prospective patients are “doctor shopping” for multiple prescriptions, a driver of the current opioid epidemic. 

    If you or your team are considering registering for free access to the PMP, want to learn more about the program or have questions about its operation, plan on attending the June 20 ISMIE Webinar, The Prescription Monitoring Program: A Clinical Tool in Improving Prescribing Decisions, starting at noon. Randy Malan, clinical director of the PMP, will be discussing the basics of the PMP and how best to use the system. 

    Recent statistics show that from 2013-16, opioid prescriptions fell 12.9% while Illinois PMP registration grew 25% from 2014-16. 

    Keep in mind that there are other benefits to joining the PMP; registered licensed prescribers can use the PMP to occasionally check for pharmacy errors or fraudulent use of their DEA numbers. 

    ISMIE policyholders and staff can participate in this webinar for free – all others must pay $150 to attend. 

    Register here.

  • Bon Voyage: CDC Travel Apps Help Your Patients - and You! - Stay Healthy on Vacation

    Items for travelHave your patients ever asked which shots they’ll need for a particular overseas destination? How about which food and beverages to avoid in a specific country? Consider downloading these three handy travel apps for Android and iPhone from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

    TravWell supplies current vaccine recommendations, offers healthy travel packing lists and allows users to store medication and immunization data and reminders. The aptly named Can I Eat This? provides country-specific warnings on food and beverages likely to cause illness, and the 2016 Yellow Book app offers the detailed global travel guide the CDC updates every two years for health professionals.

    Download here.

  • Fast, Money-Saving Medical License Renewal - Call the ISMIE Hotline Today!

    Want to renew your medical licenses in just a few minutes and save money, too? Call our Renewal Hotline Team at 800-632-7478 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Our hotline is open each business day through the July 31 deadline. 

    Our friendly staff will speed your renewal and better still, you won’t have to pay the online processing fees charged by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) for all your renewals. However, all other regular charges apply. The cost of a three-year medical license renewal is $690, and $15 is required for each controlled substance license renewal. Completing your medical license renewal now has another important benefit – avoiding a substantial late fee if you miss the deadline. There is no late penalty for controlled substance license renewal.

    For physicians who prefer to go it alone, start at the IDFPR website. As we’ve mentioned, IDFPR renewal reminders have gone paperless via email – by now, you should have received yours with an individual PIN to start the renewal process. However, if you missed that reminder, you can still renew by providing your medical license number, Social Security Number and date of birth.

    One more thing: If you already renewed your medical license, but forgot to renew your controlled substance license(s), call us – we can help. Contact us at licensure@ismie.com or call 800-632-7478.

  • Opioid epidemic progress infographic