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  • November 14, 2017

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  • All-Day Conference in Rosemont Nov. 17 Helps Health Professionals Navigate ‘Emerging Risks’ in Patient Safety

    Risk managment symposiumDon’t miss it – Friday is the 2nd Annual ISMIE Risk Management Symposium at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont.

    The November 17 event, “Emerging Risks,” is open to all health professionals and features seven top health care industry thought leaders on the latest trends in care models, genetic testing, opioid abuse, polypharmacy, cybersecurity, health IT and much more.

    ISMIE-insured physicians and clinicians can attend the event for free, employed staff members of ISMIE policyholders may attend for $199, and all other clinicians, practice administrators and risk managers may attend for $499. 

    Registration and breakfast begins at 8 a.m., lunch is included and the event closes at 3:45 p.m. Self-parking is available for attendees at a discounted rate of $15.

    Register here!

  • Help Your Team Improve Communications With Patients and Colleagues - Sign Up for 'Communications for Staff' at ISMIE's Chicago Headquarters Nov. 28

    nurse speaking to a patientISMIE is wrapping up its live event schedule for 2017, and we’ve saved one of the best sessions for last.

    Communications for Staff: The Keys to Building Trust and Improving the Patient Experience is an interactive education event free to ISMIE policyholders and employed staff. The November 28 session runs from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. at ISMIE Mutual, 20 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, 8th floor. 

    Topics will include: listening with empathy; health literacy and numeracy; and rich and lean communication. Participants should be prepared to engage with fellow learners throughout the session, and breakfast and lunch will be provided.

    Register here

  • Illinois Finally Starts Paying Off Its Longtime Bill Backlog!

    A $6 billion bond sale in October enabled the State of Illinois to start paying off its $16.7 billion backlog of unpaid bills this week. 

    That figure includes an estimated $2.5 billion to Medicaid and $4 billion in long-overdue state employee health insurance claims, some dating back to 2015.

    The bond issue essentially refinances a portion of the state’s debt; the comptroller’s office plans to prioritize payments eligible for federal matching funds and those that carry the highest late-payment penalties.

    If you or your practice management professional want to know if any of the payments from this bond sale will trickle down to you, consider calling your Medicaid managed care organization(s) (MCOs) to confirm amounts and get a timeline on payments.

  • New ISMIE ‘Lessons from the Field’: Surgical Site Infections

    doctor speaking to a patientSurgical Site Infections (SSIs) present unique patient safety challenges for physicians, their practices and the facilities where they deliver care. The reason? SSIs are rarely caused by one factor.

    To help you formulate effective, customized SSI protocols for surgical teams as well as clinical and office staff, ISMIE offers Surgical Site Infections, another helpful guide in our Lessons from the Field series.

    This lesson includes a case study that tells the story of a patient readmission linked to a particular set of surgical site and patient education procedures. The lesson also offers tips on how to build best practices in SSI prevention and debunks myths about how, where and why such infections happen. 

    For more helpful ISMIE case studies, visit our site

  • Changed Your Practice Model? Not Sure About Your Illinois Medical Corporation Licensing Status? Now’s the Time to Check

    physician working at her deskDecember 31 is the deadline for Illinois medical and professional service corporations and limited liability companies to renew their annual license with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).

    Not all Illinois physicians operate under these specific types of business entities, but if you adjusted your practice model or are simply not sure of your current licensing status, make time to check in with your practice attorney or other qualified expert.

    Also, take a moment to download this Issue Brief from our partners at the Illinois State Medical Society to help guide your first-time or renewal licensing process.

    Many Illinois medical corporations failed to renew on time last year. Don’t be one of them.

    One more reminder: The 31st falls on a Sunday this year, and IDFPR’s renewal process can only be done online, so don’t wait until the final day if you need assistance. If you have questions, contact David Porter at 312-580-2468 or email davidporter@ismie.com.

  • In April 2018, All Medicare Patients Will Be Receiving All-New ID Cards...With One Big Difference

    patients receiving their new medicare ID cardsIt’s been a long time coming, but Medicare is finally getting rid of Social Security numbers on their beneficiary cards.

    Starting next April, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will ship some 57.7 million new Medicare ID cards each carrying a randomly selected Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI).

    The MBI will take the place of each beneficiary’s Social Security number and become the only identifier accepted on Medicare ID cards after December 31, 2019. 

    With this change, CMS is hoping to combat fraud, reduce ID theft and better protect all Medicare patients.

    Our partners at the Illinois State Medical Society offer these tips to prepare your team and your patients for the changeover:

    • Advise your Medicare beneficiaries that their identification cards will be changing. 
    • Verify all of your Medicare patients' addresses. If the addresses you have on file are different from the Medicare addresses you receive on electronic eligibility transactions, ask your patients to contact the Social Security Administration to update their Medicare records.
    • Test your system and work with your billing staff to ensure that your medical office will be ready to use the new MBI format.

    As the date gets closer, ISMIE News will provide further updates. For now, consider bookmarking CMS’ New Medicare Cards webpage for information. 

  • How’s That Managing Risk Coursework Coming? Start Now and Beat the Dec. 31 Deadline!

    Doctor working on her risk courseworkOne way to ensure a relaxing holiday season – and maximize your premium discounts – is to finish your qualifying ISMIE Managing Risk coursework now!

    Check your completed coursework at www.ismiemutual.com and schedule time to finish the rest before midnight, December 31.

    Questions? Contact us by email or 800-782-4767.