ISMIE’s Feb. 22 ‘Preparing for Your Risk Assessment’ Seminar Provides the Background You’ll Need for Patient Safety Success in ‘19. Register TODAY

Physicians as a risk assessment seminarDid you know that policyholders who participate fully in our Managing Risk program are 37 percent less likely to experience a claim that results in a payment, and 21 percent less likely to experience a claim overall, than non-participants?

One of the key components of the Managing Risk program is our on-site risk assessment. The risk assessment gives you and your team the opportunity to work directly with ISMIE risk management experts to help you identify principles of good risk management and potential litigation landmines you’ll want to avoid.

To prepare for an upcoming assessment, consider attending our live seminar, Preparing for Your Risk Assessment, on February 22. In this seminar, ISMIE risk management specialists will discuss what’s new in our 2019 risk assessment and will provide tips for success. All ISMIE policyholders and their employed staff are welcome to attend.

Register here.

Can’t attend the in-person event? Not to worry – we’ll also be hosting an hour-long webinar on how to prepare on March 5. Register here.

For questions about the ISMIE risk assessments, read more or contact the risk management team directly at 800-782-4767 or by email.