ISMIE is Focused on Maternal Care - Check Out this Timely New Coursework at

mother and her newborn babyIn the past year, there’s been extensive news coverage on U.S. maternal mortality statistics, and ISMIE is offering new educational resources to address this important patient safety issue:

  •   Levels of Maternal Care in the United States: What Does This Mean for You? is an archived version of a January 2019 ISMIE webinar that examines levels of maternal care and key components of a critical care obstetrics program.
  • Postpartum Hemorrhage Part 1 and Part 2 offer an extensive look at a complication that affects 5 percent of all deliveries and is the cause of approximately 500 maternal deaths in the United States each year. 

If you’re new to ISMIE, keep in mind we’re constantly replenishing all of our policyholder resources and educational offerings to meet patient safety challenges in all the practices we serve. For our full lineup of coursework and live events, click here, and for topical information, visit ISMIE’s risk management resource library.