As Data Risk Evolves, So Does Your ISMIE Protection - Check the Latest Enhancements to Our Cyber Liability Coverage

data breach meterTrust issues are important in medicine, from patient safety to the security of patient data. At an average cost of $408 for each lost or stolen medical record, a leading survey recently reported that healthcare pays the highest recovery costs among all industries after a data breach.

One of the most important elements in that total? Patient turnover.

That’s why ISMIE Mutual issues a cyber liability endorsement with every new or renewed policy at no additional cost to ISMIE’s insureds. It’s comprehensive coverage that’s regularly evaluated for an ever-expanding range of data risks and their aftermath affecting medical practices.

It’s what you expect from ISMIE.

As of April 1, 2019, our cyber liability protection now offers this enhanced coverage in certain instances:

  • eCrime: Financial loss resulting from fraudulent instruction, funds transfer fraud, or telephone fraud.
  • Criminal Reward: Reimbursement for payment that leads to the arrest and conviction of any individual(s) committing any illegal act related to the cyber liability coverages.

In addition to the generous basic coverage aggregate limits, higher cyber coverage limits are available to policyholders.  Click here for more information about this important ISMIE Mutual coverage option.

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