They're At It Again...Not Funny Anymore

Animals in the courtroomApparently the routine went on long enough.

Comedian and talk show host Conan O’Brien last week settled a four-year federal lawsuit just shy of a jury trial with a freelance comedy writer who accused the late-night host of stealing his jokes. The amount of the settlement was not disclosed.

It all started when a Caitlin Jenner joke told on O’Brien’s show caught the attention of the plaintiff, who filed his lawsuit in 2015. The dispute ended with last week’s settlement paired with an O’Brien-penned Variety essay titled “My Stupid Lawsuit.”

In it, O'Brien wrote, "I will tell you what we told him, and what we subsequently swore under oath in a deposition: we had never heard of him or his blog or Twitter account, and we did not steal any of his jokes,” adding, "Short of murder, stealing material is the worst thing any comic can be accused of."

Murder’s pretty bad, but we’d put wasting the legal system’s time up there too.