2018 Risk Management Symposium Content Available On-Demand - Learn Strategies For Resilience At Your Convenience!

Someone speaking at an eventLast year’s Risk Management Symposium was packed with tools and information, including a session on burnout and resilience in healthcare. If you missed it, here’s some good news: On-demand versions of the courses from the symposium are being posted, and this critically important topic is up first!

For more than 40 years, ISMIE has been committed to helping physicians stay healthy and maintain balance in their practices and lives. Resilience: Tools and Strategies for Addressing Burnout in Health Care connects the dots on identifying physician burnout and institutional resources that are available to support the wellbeing of our medical workforce. Eligible policyholders may earn Risk Rewards premium discounts as well.

We are also pleased to announce the date and location for the 2019 Risk Management Symposium! Mark your calendar for November 1, with the event being held in Lombard. Watch for more details and registration information coming soon!