Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Don't Get Left Behind!

AI-MLArtificial intelligence and machine learning are more than just buzzwords – they’re an integral part of the future of healthcare. Even now, new tools are being developed that have the potential to change how you practice medicine. There’s no telling what these technologies will yield a generation from now, but fortune favors the prepared!

Join ISMIE on Tuesday, September 17 at noon CDT for Artificial Intelligence: Understanding the Basics and Navigating the Complexities, an hour-long webinar that will focus on applications of AI and machine learning across a health system. Mozzi Etemadi, MD, will discuss the terminology and general concepts integral to understanding these technologies, explore common issues that may arise, and walk through specific examples – one clinical, one related to risk management, and one related to billing. 

This session will close with thoughts about how to best position healthcare professionals and their practices – culturally, technologically, and clinically – to be ready for coming advances in AI and machine learning.

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