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  • May 14, 2019

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  • Your ISMIE Renewal Documents Are on the Way. If You’re Thinking About Changes to Your Coverage, Get in Touch

    ISMIE envelopeWhether you’re a new ISMIE policyholder or have been with us for a while, this is the time of year we remind you to watch your mailbox for a white envelope with these words on the front: “Important Documents from ISMIE Mutual for You to Read and Keep.”

    If you’re like most ISMIE policyholders, you’ll be renewing on July 1, and should receive this material 30-60 days before that renewal date.

    Prefer paying your bills online? Remember, you can do that on the ISMIE website.

    Just go to www.ismie.com and click “MyISMIE” at the upper right. Once you sign in, click “Policyholder Info” at left, scroll down to “Document Preferences” and follow the instructions on receiving paperless documents.

    If you have questions about your coverage or are anticipating changes to your practice in the coming year, contact your broker partner or the ISMIE underwriting team at 800-782-4767 or by email

  • Pain Management Without Opioids: Sign Up TODAY for Our May 17 Lunchtime Webinar

    physician speaking to a patientAs prescribers navigate the future of pain management for patients, there’s a timely ISMIE webinar at noon this Friday that offers options to consider: Opioids: Practical Advice for Managing Chronic Pain Without Them.

    Presenter Tracy Jackson, MD, will share her understanding of the neurobiology of chronic pain and addiction, and how to evaluate and treat it accurately and effectively. She’ll also discuss opioid weaning for patients and ways for physicians to combat burnout while managing chronic pain cases.

    Register now. 

  • There’s Never a Bad Time to Review the Basic Principles of Good Practice Risk Management - New ISMIE Managing Risk Coursework

    From risk assessments to more than a hundred courses that help you make your practice safer, ISMIE is committed to keeping policyholders informed about the latest trends in healthcare risk management.

    Yet it also helps to review the basics, too.

    Consider adding Risk Management 101: Protecting Patients and Your Practiceto your Managing Risk coursework list for 2019. This course examines cases in which patient safety events have led to medical liability lawsuits and offers strategies to limit these risks in your everyday practice.

    As a reminder, the summer months are a great time to get ahead on your Managing Risk coursework. By completing a range of ISMIE Managing Risk activities by year-end, you can earn up to a 15% discount on your premium.

    Start by reviewing your transcript and consider our current lineup of online courses, live seminars and webinars.

    Questions? Reach out to ISMIE’s risk management team at 800-782-4767 or by email

  • Complex Patient-Family Conversations Pose a Liability Risk to Your Practice. Improve Your Communications Tactics at ISMIE’s Next ‘Beyond the Basics’ Seminar June 18 in Chicago

    physician speaking to someonePatients and families often come to the medical encounter with preferences – and sometimes demands – regarding the medications, tests, referrals and other procedures that they need and want. If patients are not sufficiently persuaded that the medical team’s alternative is an effective and safe option, the likelihood of dissatisfaction, conflict and nonadherence rises quickly.

    And that can add up to liability risk for your practice.

    Beyond the Basics: Advanced Communications for Physicians and Other Clinicians is a popular ISMIE live seminar that offers a model of principled negotiation physicians can use to reach a mutually agreed-upon treatment plan that preserves the physician-patient relationship.

    The event runs from 9 a.m. – noon June 18 at ISMIE, 20 N. Michigan Ave., 8th floor.

    Register here.

  • Efforts to Overturn the Feres Doctrine Gain Traction in Washington

    stethoscope placed on military attireAt ISMIE, we work to keep you informed about courtroom and legislative issues that could affect your practice and the general medical liability landscape. Here’s one nearly 70 years in the making.

    The Feres Doctrine – a 1950 U.S. Supreme Court ruling used as precedent to bar military members injured as a result of military service from suing the federal government – is getting fresh attention in Congress and, once again, in the nation’s highest court.

    In U.S. House hearings earlier this month and in a case currently under consideration by the U.S. Supreme Court, there’s growing discussion about whether Feres should be overturned. Feres – filed in 1947 by a military widow whose husband perished during a barracks fire - held that the United States is not liable under the Federal Tort Claims Act for injuries sustained by members of the armed forces while on active duty or not on furlough.

    ISMIE News will continue to cover this case as developments warrant. 

  • They're At It Again...Not Funny Anymore

    Animals in the courtroomApparently the routine went on long enough.

    Comedian and talk show host Conan O’Brien last week settled a four-year federal lawsuit just shy of a jury trial with a freelance comedy writer who accused the late-night host of stealing his jokes. The amount of the settlement was not disclosed.

    It all started when a Caitlin Jenner joke told on O’Brien’s show caught the attention of the plaintiff, who filed his lawsuit in 2015. The dispute ended with last week’s settlement paired with an O’Brien-penned Variety essay titled “My Stupid Lawsuit.”

    In it, O'Brien wrote, "I will tell you what we told him, and what we subsequently swore under oath in a deposition: we had never heard of him or his blog or Twitter account, and we did not steal any of his jokes,” adding, "Short of murder, stealing material is the worst thing any comic can be accused of."

    Murder’s pretty bad, but we’d put wasting the legal system’s time up there too.