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  • September 3, 2019

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  • Do You Practice in a Rural Location? Access ISMIE’s New Guide on Reducing Your Risk

    A Rural Physician's Guide to Mitigating RisksSixty million Americans – that's one in five – live in rural areas. If you practice medicine in a rural location, you know the adversities these patients face, including difficulty accessing healthcare, food insecurity, and higher rates of chronic disease.

    You also know the challenges you face: long hours, house calls, and limited access to healthcare resources to name a few. These difficulties can increase your liability risk.

    ISMIE recently published a whitepaper to help address these issues, titled A Rural Physician's Guide to Mitigating Risks. The guide discusses various strategies for maintaining an effective medical practice in a rural location, including useful technologies, recruiting and retention tips, and practical changes for managing the flow of your workday. 

    Questions? Contact our risk management team by email or by phone at 800-782-4767 ext. 3300. 

  • Two Keys to Peace of Mind on Cyber Security

    cybersecurityThe healthcare sector remains a top target for cyberattacks. Protecting yourself and your patients means taking smart steps on cyber security and having the right coverage in case you experience a breach. 

    ISMIE can help with both.

    First, check out ISMIE’s on-demand program Practicing Medicine in a Cyber World, in which a pair of experts share insights about the latest cybersecurity trends and risks in healthcare and discuss the steps that organizations can take to guard against cyber threats. 

    Then, review the cyber liability protection you have through ISMIE – already provided at no extra cost – and consider whether higher limits protection would fit your practice. 

    For questions about your cyber liability protection, contact our underwriting division at 800-782-4767 or by email. If you utilize an insurance broker, you may also wish to contact him or her.

    If you have questions about ISMIE’s full range of risk management education  offerings, please contactour risk management team.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Don't Get Left Behind!

    AI-MLArtificial intelligence and machine learning are more than just buzzwords – they’re an integral part of the future of healthcare. Even now, new tools are being developed that have the potential to change how you practice medicine. There’s no telling what these technologies will yield a generation from now, but fortune favors the prepared!

    Join ISMIE on Tuesday, September 17 at noon CDT for Artificial Intelligence: Understanding the Basics and Navigating the Complexities, an hour-long webinar that will focus on applications of AI and machine learning across a health system. Mozzi Etemadi, MD, will discuss the terminology and general concepts integral to understanding these technologies, explore common issues that may arise, and walk through specific examples – one clinical, one related to risk management, and one related to billing. 

    This session will close with thoughts about how to best position healthcare professionals and their practices – culturally, technologically, and clinically – to be ready for coming advances in AI and machine learning.

    Register now.

  • Symposium Speaker Spotlight

    RoyBy 2017, two-thirds of drug overdoses were related to opioids. What can clinicians do in light of this epidemic? Lipi Roy, MD, MPH, DABAM, will provide some answers at the 2019 ISMIE Risk Management Symposium, with a focus on strategies to help care for opioid-addicted patients. Dr. Roy is a sought-after, charismatic speaker whose mission is to educate and empower the public to make healthy decisions through nutrition, mindfulness and addiction awareness.

    ISMIE policyholders attend for free. Discounts are available for your staff and early-bird registrations.

    Learn more and register!   

  • This Case is Bananas …

    AtItAgainKangaroo Manufacturing, a company that produces Halloween costumes, thought it was well within their rights to make a banana costume. After all, what possible intellectual property could be claimed for the fruit central to a banana split? 

    They were wrong. 

    The company was sued by a rival costume maker, aptly named Rasta Imposta, who claimed Kangaroo Manufacturing’s banana costume was identical to one it produced. 

    In court, Kangaroo Manufacturing argued that a banana was not copyrightable, but the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals disagreed, noting the similar ”curved lines coming down the sides” between the two costumes. 

    Never mind that all bananas have curved lines coming down sides.

    While intellectual property theft is a serious and pervasive issue, deciding that someone owns the rights to a fruit is, frankly, bananas.