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  • ISMIE Provides Virtual Options and Sound Guidance

    As the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) spreads in communities across the country, medical offices are considering their options to help reduce the chance of transmission among their patients and staff.

    In light of these difficult circumstances, and to support your continued dedication to providing high-quality care and keeping your patients safe, ISMIE brings to your attention the following resources: 

  • Virtual ISMIE Risk Assessments Offer Personalized Insights While Keeping Patients and Staff Safe

    riskassessmentDid you know that ISMIE’s risk assessments can be conducted virtually? Virtual risk assessments have been available since last year, and we anticipate that more and more policyholders will be taking advantage of this option in the coming months.

    Virtual assessments follow the same process and provide the same personalized guidance as in-person assessments, while offering greater safety for your colleagues and patients.

    To learn more or to request a virtual risk assessment, please contact the ISMIE Risk Management team by  email or call 800-782-4767.

  • ISMIE’s Risk Advisory on COVID-19 Offers Essential Steps in Reducing Risk

    covid-19Staying current on the latest COVID-19 developments and creating a plan for your practice or facility are essential to protecting yourself and your patients. If your practice is still formulating a plan to deal with this illness and the systemic challenges it is creating, be sure to check out ISMIE'’s recent risk advisory here.

    The advisory offers questions for you to consider in your unique circumstances, from how you will communicate with your patients to logistical factors related to your facility itself. It also includes helpful links to reliable resources that can help you stay informed and follow best practices as recommended by public health authorities.

    If you have questions about this advisory or other ISMIE risk management resources, contact the ISMIE Risk Management team  by email or call 800-782-4767.

    ISMIE is here for you in these trying times, and we are committed to providing policyholders with the resources and flexibility you need. Please watch your inbox for future communications related to your ISMIE coverage, and use the following links to stay up-to-date on COVID-19: