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    FALL 2015

  • Find Out if Your Workers' Compensation Payers Will Switch to ICD-10

    castThe ICD-10 cutover is one week away! And while all entities covered by HIPAA must implement ICD-10 by October 1entities not covered by HIPAA, such as workers' compensation payers and their third party administrators, have the option to not implement ICD-10. 

    In other words, some non-covered entities may not require that you submit claims using ICD-10 - and could even require that claims be submitted using ICD-9. 

    So how are non-HIPAA covered entities going to handle claims?  

    If your medical practice treats workers' compensation patients and bills the patients' insurers for medical services, determine now whether those payers will require claims to be submitted using ICD-9 or ICD-10. Check with your most frequent payers of workers' compensation claims, as well as their third party administrators, about any directives concerning code sets.

  • Are you Aware There is a Treasure Trove of Unclaimed Cash in Illinois' Coffers?

    cashApproximately $1.7 million in unclaimed money belonging to Illinois physicians is "ready for pickup," according to the Illinois State Treasurer's office. This is just a fraction of the more than two billion dollars held by the state as "unclaimed property."

    The Prairie State launched a website to help return unclaimed dollars to their rightful owners. Check to see if you, the physicians in your practice, or your favorite Uncle Lou are owed funds by accessing the Illinois State Treasurer's ICASH Discover What's Yours.

  • Autumn Seminars Travel the State Covering Laws & Regs, Work Stress and What It's Like to Be a Patient

    Practice Management Day Program

    Overwhelmed by new legislative and regulatory issues, including the potential for liability risk? And do you often feel stressed out by the ever-increasing demands placed on health care workers? 

    If so, then ISMIE's upcoming Practice Management Day is for you, featuring these live sessions: 

    • Morning session: Hot Topics in Legislation and Regulation - medical cannabis, concealed carry, direct patient access to lab reports, unaccompanied minors seeking care, advance directives, Hepatitis C screening, and more.
    • Afternoon session: Coping Well with Stress at Work  

    Sign up today for a date that best fits your schedule!

    ILDates and locations:  

    • October 15 - Collinsville
    • November 12 - Northbrook

    Continuing nursing education (CNE) and CME offered; there is no cost for ISMIE policyholders and their staffs.

    What's it like to be a patient?

    Take time out from your busy medical office to explore what life is like on the other side - being the patient.

    Learn more at our live seminar, The Patient Experience: What Is It Like to Be the Patient, highlighting the impact of communication on patients and best practices to positively affect those who walk through your office door.

    Geared for policyholders and their staffs, the seminar is available on the following dates:

    • September 29 - Hoffman Estates
    • October 6 - Mount Vernon area
    • November 17 - Alsip 

    Breakfast and lunch will be provided; CME offered.

    Sign up today

      If you have questions regarding these seminars, please contact ISMIE's Risk Management Division at 800-782-4767 ext. 3300 or email riskmanagement@ismie.com.

  • Hepatitis C Screening Will NOT be a Mandate for Physicians ... at Least for Now

    legislatureIn a victory that shows relentless advocacy efforts, the Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS) finally stopped a bill that would have required physicians to offer a one-time Hepatitis C screening to persons born between 1945 and 1965 when providing a "comprehensive physical examination."

    The defeated legislation would have essentially mandated adherence to practice guidelines set forth by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF).

    ISMS supports these guidelines and, therefore, urges physicians to screen baby boomers and other high risk patients for Hepatitis C, consistent with the CDC and USPSTF guidelines. Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers cover this service. Screening is also a best practice from a risk management standpoint.

    Back in Springfield, the battle is not completely over. Illinois physicians can expect to see the threat of a Hepatitis C screening mandate and other related legislation in the future. ISMS is vehemently opposed to inserting the screening guidelines into law.

    Learn more about Hep C screening at ISMIE's upcoming Practice Management Day.

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