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    SPRING 2016

  • Introducing the New ISMIE Resource Guide - Everything About Your Coverage Begins Here

    Resource GuideISMIE Mutual is at the forefront of customized coverage for physicians in all practice environments. For a complete overview of everything we do, look no further than our new ISMIE Resource Guide.

    This 24-page booklet covers all aspects of ISMIE from application to the claims process, with a summary of the wide-ranging educational opportunities we offer on all aspects of medical risk management. For a PDF copy of the Guide, click here and scroll to the download link at the bottom of the page.

  • To Complete a Practice Assessment in 2016, Make Your Request by April 1

    checkmarkAt ISMIE, we offer you the opportunity to undergo a full on-site practice assessment. This thorough review is designed to help practices build good risk management protocols and avoid lawsuits.

    Each year, ISMIE assesses more than 2,500 clinicians. Due to the sheer volume of requests received annually, we require a practice assessment request no later than April 1 to make sure we can accommodate you and your team comfortably.

    To learn more about the process, consider signing up for ISMIE's one-hour webinar "Preparing for Your Practice Assessment," which will be held March 22 starting at noon CDT.

    Don't forget that a practice assessment offers another important benefit - policyholders found in substantial compliance with all of ISMIE's risk management principles may be eligible for a 5% premium discount for two policy years.

    Questions? Call us at 800-782-4767 ext. 3300 or email us at riskmanagement@ismie.com.

  • If Patients Are Asking About the Zika Virus, Refer to ISMS' Comprehensive Zika Information Page

    zikavirusEach week, there seems to be new information about Zika, the virus that emerged nearly 70 years ago and started spreading "explosively" around the world in 2015, according to the World Health Organization. The Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS) has created a central, regularly updated online resource for Zika news and information so physicians and staff can address patient concerns based on the latest data available. 

  • Considering Telehealth for Your Practice? Don't Miss This April 6 Legal Seminar

    telehealthPhysician diagnoses delivered via screens large and small may be the future, but do you understand the legal impact telehealth might have on your practice? Don't miss the upcoming Telehealth Law Forum, a three-part series examining the telehealth landscape in Illinois and the Midwest. 

    Part 1 will take place April 6 with the speakers present in Chicago, and live interactive audio/video connections occurring simultaneously in three remote locations: Carbondale, Springfield and Naperville. The forum will include interactive panel discussions on the current legal and regulatory environment, reimbursement trends, and telemedicine delivery and business models. Register today!

  • They're at it Again...And Yet Something Seems Off-Key

    Unless you have a particularly nitpicky intellectual property attorney in the family, you've probably never thought twice about singing "Happy Birthday."

    Well, breathe easy. If a Los Angeles federal court approves a February 8 settlement, you'll be free to sing and play it anywhere and all you want. In short, 

    "Happy Birthday" will finally be royalty-free and for all purposes, in the public domain.

    Don't know this tune? Here's how it goes:

    Last September, U.S. District Court Judge George H. King ruled that Warner Music's claim to the 1893 song's copyright - which brought Warner an estimated $2 million a year in royalties since 1988 -- was  invalid. This month, without admitting wrongdoing or agreeing that "Happy Birthday" is in the public domain, Warner gave up fighting a  2013 suit to defend its ownership of the song's copyright and agreed to pay up to $14 million to settle claims dating  all the way back to 1949.

    So what's off-key?

    Guess who might really get to celebrate if the settlement is approved? Not the bar or restaurant owners who paid up. Not even the individual plaintiffs who brought the suit.

    No, it'll be the plaintiffs' attorneys who will get to drop the mic - they've asked for $4.6 million to cover their legal costs.

    We're pretty familiar with that song, too.