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    SUMMER 2017

  • Call ISMIE for Fast, Affordable License Renewal!

    call ISMIE firstIf your physician team members have yet to renew their three-year Illinois medical or controlled substance licenses, all it takes is one call.

    The ISMIE Renewal Hotline – 800-632-7478 – is available each business day from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. through the July 31 deadline.

    If you’re calling to renew on behalf of any physician in your practice, all you'll need is their method of payment and their individual PIN number from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), emailed earlier this spring. As we’ve mentioned, the state converted to paperless renewal alerts this year.

    However, if you don’t have their PIN, you can still renew by providing the physician's medical license number, Social Security Number and date of birth.

    ISMIE staff members will not only speed your renewal, but you’ll also save on IDFPR processing fees. However, all other regular charges apply. The cost of a three-year medical license renewal is $690, and $15 is required for each controlled substance license renewal.

    For in-state physicians licensed over a year, the on-time $690 renewal fee jumps to $920 if late. For out-of-state physicians with an Illinois license, renewal goes from $1,380 to $1,400 if late. There is no late penalty for controlled substance license renewal. 

    By the way, if your physicians have renewed their medical licenses but forgot to renew their controlled substance license(s), call us. We can help.

    Questions? Email  licensure@ismie.com or call 800-632-7478.

  • Happy Trails: CDC Travel Apps Help Your Patients Stay Healthy on Vacation

    travel materialsHave patients at your practice ever asked which shots they’ll need for a particular overseas destination? How about which food and beverages to avoid in a specific country? Encourage them – and your physician team – to consider downloading these three handy travel apps for Android and iPhone from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    TravWell supplies current vaccine recommendations, offers healthy travel packing lists and allows users to store medication and immunization data and reminders. The aptly named Can I Eat This? provides country-specific warnings on food and beverages likely to cause illness, and the 2016 Yellow Book app offers the detailed global travel guide the CDC updates every two years for health professionals.

    Download here.

  • How Safe is Your Computer System? Keep These Steps Handy

    cyber securityGlobal threats to health care data security can emerge at any time. Last week, the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team issued a critical alert about DeltaCharlie – a malware strike by North Korean hackers. 

    Malware – malicious software – can be used to take control of devices for a variety of purposes including disruption and ransom demands. The DeltaCharlie hack reportedly targets PCs, servers, mobile devices and Internet of Things devices in a variety of industries, including health care.

    Back in May, more than 200,000 organizations, including hospitals and clinics throughout Britain’s National Health Service, fell victim to a massive global ransomware attack called “ WannaCrypt,” also known as “WannaCry.”

    It’s important to know that even the smallest medical office can be targeted by hackers. At ISMIE, we like to share best practices on a wide range of risk management issues, so here are a few general procedures recommended by IT security experts to protect the privacy of your data:

    • Make sure your operating system software on every computer is fully updated – and if you’ve received a software patch, install it immediately

    • Remind all physicians and staff not to click on ANY unfamiliar links or attachments.

    • Consider backing up your data regularly so a potential attack won’t mean total loss of access to patient and practice data. Be sure to store that backup offline so it does not run the risk of being compromised.

    • Check in with ISMIE. Suggest that your policyholders review the Cyber Liability coverage that comes with every ISMIE policy at no additional cost. And if you’d like a reminder for your team, here’s an earlier ISMIE News ransomware infographic to pass around.

    Questions? Call ISMIE at 800-782-4767 or email  info@ismie.com.

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